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Artists in The SoulCity Collective gain access to our resources in an on-going effort to empower creativity, collaboration and cross cultural connection between the USA and South Africa. Offerings vary depending on availability and project needs. That said - anything is possible. DREAM BIG. If your values align with ours, we want to hear your ideas.

  • Access to the SoulCity Lab and other local venues: The SoulCity Lab is a beautifully renovated space in the heart of the arts district in Cape Town, South Africa. SCM has been working with local artists and creative businesses in Cape Town since 2009. We are very connected in the community with the ability to access resources and collaborate with other organizations doing similar work. We are all about sharing resources to support artists in making this world a better place.

    • Production & Project Management

    • Equipment & Materials

    • Creative Workspace

    • Event Space

    • Funding & Promotions

    • Collaborative Network

  • Financial Backing: In some cases, we have funds available for project proposals. We will also work closely with the artist to fundraise for their project. In other cases, we can simply offer existing resources such as workspace, production equipment, promotion and event management.

  • International Network: Artists will have access to our network and in the case of international travel we will coordinate artist itinerary, accommodation and local activities. We expect the artist to fully engage with the community in an effort to effectively translate their experience of the soul of the city artistically. So then - we must show you the soul of the city. As an artist, you must have something important to say. We will help build a platform for you to express it.

  • Our network in both Cape Town, San Francisco and New York is extensive. We have many partnering companies willing to work with us on projects. This includes recording studios, venues, equipment houses, photography studios etc - - - - - - - To say it again - Anything is possible. Let us know your ideas and if it is a fit, we will do our best to make it happen.

  • As a member of the Collective, artists are required to show a commitment to arts education through an active involvement in SoulCity Movement youth initiatives which could include: Curriculum design and workshop execution, open forum discussions, community projects and/or participation in SoulCity's online educational platform. Some youth experience opportunities are paid.

Soul City Movement is a global experience currently moving between San Francisco, New York City, and Cape Town, South Africa.