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Soul City Movement Technology Platform

JAM or Jamboree Arts and Music, is a technology platform designed and tested by one of SCM San Francisco based partner organizations called Nuvanna. JAM is a socially-networked, mission-based game that works with a global network of high school students. The purpose of JAM, is to provide young people with an organized platform for exploring artistic expression while being mentored by professional artists from around the world. This platform sends youth out into the world, to engage with culture and community while learning about the arts and working with peer groups from around the world.

JAM provides a technology platform for artists and youth to be connected outside of the workshop or the classroom. As teaching artists, JAM provides us with the means to take our curriculums to the next level with the ability to work with a global network of youth simultaneously and maximize our social impact. 

JAM is a sustainable technology platform that supports our mission to empower the connectivity between artists, youth and community. It is a key element to building a global arts movement.