"Imitating culture while simultaneously making fun of it.' - Cindy Sherman


This workshop explores the culture surrounding the ‘Selfie’ and asks students to create a series of self portraits that explore the many layers of the individual.

Social media platforms have given people the opportunity to engage with notions of culture and identity. The audience is vast- from peers to strangers, marketers and academics. The ‘Selfie” generation has a unique opportunity to educate the world with an authentic and dynamic reflection of self. Even further, they have an opportunity to create culture and identity as they see it- to play with culture and identity construction; to empower themselves to make their own conscious choices that resonate a sense of self that is fully realized and impactful. This project gives high school students the ability to influence society by confronting social, economic and cultural stereotypes.

But first- before they can lead the world into progressive thinking around social stereotypes, they need to confront their own sense of self- over-standing themselves in relation to others and the societal social construction they are up against in an online media dominated world.