'The Manifesto' Multi Media Workshop // Student work by Harvest, 2013




The SoulCity Youth Programs are created to facilitate workshops that empower youth development through creativity, critical thinking and cross-cultural connection. Our curriculums are developed by artists in the collective and are meant to provide students with tools and resources to further develop their ideas, self-exploration, agency and creative processes. We believe that creativity is a beautiful catalyst for realizing individual and communal potential. Each curriculum is uniquely designed by artists in an attempt to breakdown their own creative process, inspiration and methods to being a successful artist in the 21st century. 

The SoulCity Collective moves across towns, burrows, districts and counties to develop art workshops with social, economic and cultural diversity in and out of the classroom. Our innovative design exposes students to similarity and difference in ways that are beneficial to their own personal life experience, that of their peers and the collective global experience. 
Workshop curriculums are not bound to art as a direct focus, however, are required to use art as a blanket for learning and must enable self-direct learning, individual leadership development, collective understanding and artistic expression.