Soul City Movement empowers artists and youth to explore creativity as a tool for individual, collective and community transformation. We are global arts organization currently based between the heart and soul of two very vibrant cities: San Francisco, California and Cape Town, South Africa. Although our physical bridge exists between these two locations, our network reach is vast:

Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, Toronto, Johannesburg, Havana, Kingston, Rio & rising. 

Our movement is dedicated to community transformation through cultural enrichment. We are cultivating a unique opportunity to empower artists, community and the next generation of young people to participate in a cultural project that inspires individual and collective growth across socio-economic and geographical lines in ways that have only been made possible with today's technology and innovation. 

Our mission is to cultivate an underground arts movement that promotes a new approach to the ways in which humans engage with one another, ourselves and the communities that we serve, near and far.  Soul City Movement utilizes creativity and innovation as a catalyst in this endeavor for the benefit of everyone.

As an organization, SCM offers professional resources, innovative programming and state-of-the-art connectivity to a growing network of artists and youth worldwide. Our creative incubator space, The Lab, serves an international and local community of established artists and those interested in creative exploration, arts education and community enrichment from one soul of a city to another. 

Artist Residencies

We invite artists from all over the world to participate in our global residency programs and collaborate with our local networks. The Collective is empowered by SCM in exchange for their involvement with our community arts initiatives, special events and mentorship programming.

Our residency programs deliver a whole-hearted experience abroad. Artists are given the opportunity to engage with local communities from the inside out. We encourage them to utilize our resources in an effort to explore, collaborate and connect with the environment while executing their creative ideas and further developing their professional careers. 

Youth Programs

Our innovative youth program offers an integrated approach to human development through global arts education, while our desire for human understanding across all social economic and cultural lines is defined by a commitment to diversity in every way.

Our program inspires youth to discover their passions and explore the possibilities through artistic mediums facilitated by professional artists and educators. SCM facilitates student workshops in the form of weekend immersions, 4-week programming, global exchanges and an online gamification web platform.   


This Movement believes in the greater power of art as a tool for individual and peer development in a global community. We believe that art and creativity embody a unique ability to move through the core of humanity- to transcend the many boundaries and boxes that we life by, around and far between. With this, we have the power to communicate, and thus our philosophy is to focus on that which has the power to bring out the best in people; a movement with the ability to inspire moments of freedom and unity through expression, connectivity, diversity and education.