'Home' recorded live at the SoulCity Lab' in Cape Town. Mixed by Rob Brinkworth at Resonate. Mastering by fin. Original song written and recorded in Toronto 2006




Any Medium. Masters of Craft. 

The momentum behind this movement is a collective of artists that share a skilled passion for the arts and a desire to inspire youth and the global community. We believe that the richer the experience we can offer our network, the greater the impact.

SoulCity Movement stands with the fact that artists play a critical role in cultural progress. We are committed to creating opportunities that allow artists to execute their creative ideas; collaborate within a diverse global network; inspire self-direct learning working through creative processes and innovative technology; and to intimately engage with the community and global markets.

All of this to say, we support the arts, and thus, we support the artist.

SoulCity Movement invites artists to submit a project application and join this movement towards constructive social change around the world. This is a movement envisioned by artists, with the intent to utilize the combined power of creativity, community and education to inspire progressive global transformation. Our collective seeks artists who have a unique ability to create; a desire to collaborate locally and internationally; a passion to mentor a diverse group of young people; and an excitement to share their skills with our community. 

As mentors, the collective values an education and community lead by people who move through the world with a sense of purpose. Artists are natural leaders in their passions and have a tendency to inspire others just by doing what they love. SoulCity Movement recognizes and admires artists that have successfully shaped a life for themselves as creative people. We believe that youth and communities greatly benefit from working with people that are fueled by creativity and have discovered a way to embark on their own dreams.