MENTOR .  Teachers are the world's greatest heroes. 



SCM Artist resident Moeketsi Moticoe reflects on his journey mentoring between Cape Town and The Bay Area, California. 




                                                      Any Medium. Masters of Craft. 

The momentum behind this movement is comprised of an ever growing collective group of people that share a passion for the arts as a powerful catalyst and an impactful tool for human development. We believe that the richer the experience we can offer our network, the greater the impact.

Soul City Movement is committed to creating opportunities for an international network of both artists and youth to execute their creative ideas; collaborate within a diverse global network; inspire self-direct learning working through creative processes and innovative technology; and showcases which intimately engage with the community and global markets.

As artists, we ask that you join this movement towards constructive social change around the world. This movement is artistic; it is diverse, it is youthful, it is experienced, it is resourced, it is interconnected and it is global. It is a movement envisioned by artists, with the intent to utilize the power of creativity in the arts, community and education to inspire progressive global transformation. Our collective seeks artists who have a desire to create, collaborate, mentor and share their skills with our community. 

As mentors, The Collective value an education and community lead by people who move through the world with a sense of purpose. These people are natural leaders in their passions and these people have a tendency to inspire others just by doing what they love. Soul City Movement recognizes and admires individuals that have successfully shaped a life for themselves as creative people. We believe that youth and communities benefit from being exposed to people that are fueled by creativity and have discovered a way to embark on their own dreams.  

Artists in The Soul City Collective gain access to our community resources in an on-going effort to empower creativity, collaboration and cultural exchange between the US and South Africa.

What we offer: 

  • Access to Lab spaces for proposed projects; documentation and project management; a global network of collaborators, supporters and donors; online portfolio space; production and exhibition / showcase opportunities.

As a member of the Collective, artists are required to show a commitment to arts education through their active involvement in Soul City Movement youth initiatives which could include:

  • Curriculum design and execution, open forum discussions, community projects and/or participation in Soul City's online educational platform. 

Soul City Movement is a global experience currently moving between San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Cape Town, South Africa.

We are currently working between two centers: The Soul City Lab which is located in Cape Town, South Africa and our sister center, the African American Arts and Culture Complex located in the heart of San Francisco.


The Soul City Collective is currently offering opportunities to artists from around the world interested in participating in our programming and activities.