The SoulCity Lab’ is a creative incubation space providing local and international artists, facilitators, students and supporters with an opportunity to create, collaborate, mentor and showcase. Our Cape Town Lab is the first of many international incubation spaces that we intend to establish in blossoming creative cities around the world.

Throughout the year, SoulCity Lab hosts local and international student workshops, artist residencies, creative workspace, honorariums and live showcases, exhibitions, pop-ups and special events. The Lab is home to our movements creative resources as well as the meeting place where all the elements of SoulCity Movement come together.

Our Labs provide artists with the resources and network to achieve their creative and collaborative goals in addition to an opportunity to engage with youth and be involved in community art initiatives. The Lab offers a diverse network of local and international students- both resourced and under-resourced- the opportunity to be involved in a shared experience aimed at expanding horizons through artistic expression and activism.